The Divine service of our famous Private Tours, in a Luxurious Small Group Setting

The Pearl Harbor Experience

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We offer you the same service we offer on our private tours, however this tour is based in an intimate group experience. We are the Pearl Harbor professionals and offer much more than just transportation. Join us for a historical and educational experience taking you back in time of an old Hawaii, leading you to "A Date which will live in Infamy"  as we remember and honor the soldiers of December 7th, 1941.

Tour Description
After we pick you up at your hotel, we begin our adventure in Historical Downtown Honolulu, when once was the Kingdom of Hawaii. We share with you the ancient stories of how Hawaii came to be at the statue our first great King Kamehameha. Describe the end of the monarchy of the Kalakaua Dynasty at I'olani Palace leading into the story of Hawaii's modernization and arrival of the U.S. Military. 

Finally, we begin to share with you the effects of the tragic day of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Our first stop is at the Pacific National Veteran Cemetery at Punchbowl crater. We pay our respects to the final resting place of Veterans from WWI, WWII, Korean War, Gulf War, and Vietnam.

Once we arrive to the National Valor of the Pacific- Pearl Harbor, we begin the accounts of the attack. We guide you through the Valor complex, and its two museums before we visit to honor the heroes that lay to rest in the USS Arizona at the Memorial.